The story

gloria francoLa Francesca was created at the behest of the Milanese writer and journalist Gloria Bortolotti De Poli.
Daughter of the sculptor Timo Bortolotti who was originally from Val Camonica, she spent her holidays in a house surrounded by woods and fields on the small Lago Moro. 
Gloria grew up with nostalgic memories of the area, and was always searching for a place which would bring back the strong emotions of that time of her life.

Famiglia lago GloriaBefore the 70s, she was taken to see a wild inlet in Cilento, a promontory covered in Mediterranean vegetation, with ancient trees and a crystalline sea. It was love at first sight.
She decided to create La Francesca, which soon became an exclusive destination for lovers of history and nature.

To those who asked how she found that unique spot, where the idea for the Village came from and why a poet should turn to building villages, she would reply: "because I wanted to build a house in the middle of the woods for those who need to find themselves; the same love and sensitivity went into creating La Francesca as for a beautiful poem".

As her successors we continue to follow this philosophy, respecting and caring for this natural environment in a rare example of sustainable tourism.

Gloria's story is re-told in the film "Leonesse d'Italia".