La Francesca and the environment

La Francesca was created and is run with respect for the environment, in harmony with nature, and since its inception forty years ago has always followed the criteria of sustainability which are now generally practiced.

This is how:

Impact on the landscape

La Francesca is invisible from the sea, from the land and from the air. Our bungalows are completely immersed in an extremely dense wood which is carefully maintained to ensure shade and coolness, in a unique ecosystem which the arrival of mankind has not damaged; even the manager's office is host to a huge living olive tree which grows up though the roof, just like Ulysses' house in Ithaca.

Take a look at the aerial photos in the gallery; you will not see any of our 69 bungalows, completely hidden in the green.

Relationship with social and cultural context

La Francesca has a close relationship with the surrounding area, and keeps guests informed of all social and cultural aspects of Cilento, from the natural beauty of the National Park where it is located, to the fascinating history of local sites.

Clean waters

It is unnecessary here to exalt the crystalline waters of the Riserva marina degli Infreschi e della Masseta, which have always been rated excellent for bathing by the European report on water quality. La Francesca helps to keep the waters of our bay unpolluted, a true natural aquarium, as you can see in the underwater photos. Waste water is thoroughly treated in a modern treatment plant and is not drained into the sea but pumped to an inaccessible area of forest where an underground fertigation system contributes to the maintenance, even in high summer, of a green belt which protects us from the risk of fire.

Control of hydrologic instability and water management

Since its creation, La Francesca has had a system of water protection and management, and can withstand undamaged even torrential rain, which in any case never happens in summer. The bungalows, built on small columns, do not block the flow of water towards the sea; this system also provides protection against earthquakes.

Complete respect for flora and fauna

The area's flora and fauna are particularly rich and interesting, and its biodiversity is impressive, as you can often see with your own eyes. In the evenings you can hear birdsong in the trees around your bungalow; nocturnal animals include squirrels and dormice.

To preserve this precious biodiversity, we also use humane, natural and low-impact methods to get rid of pests.


We were among the first to introduce energy-saving light-bulbs nearly twenty years ago, and now we are replacing them with LED lights. To avoid light pollution, each plot is equipped with a low-consumption lamp and a socket for your computer, which you can use without limit thanks to the free Wi-Fi coverage of the entire site. Take a few steps towards the second of our beaches and you are in complete darkness, wonderful for marvelling at the fantastic starry sky and the skyline of the Gulf of Policastro, with the lights of Maratea and the Calabrian coast in the distance.

Water management

Water, both hot and cold, is always present, and we have invested in water-saving shower heads with operate on the Venturi effect: less waste of an increasingly valuable resource and better showers for our guests, who can enjoy abundant and "soft" water jets.

Differentiated waste disposal

For years we have been very successful in differentiating waste for disposal, thanks to the valued collaboration of our guests.

Local products

The restaurant and supermarket use mainly "zero kilometre" goods, sourced locally. All the wines and olive oils are from our area, as well as most of the food, and we create special menus for those who do not eat fish or meat.