Cool in summer; no need for air conditioning

Casetta Goccia a La FrancescaSome places boast of being in the shade of centuries-old trees, and sometimes the trees really exist, if spaced thinly.

At La Francesca, however, you are truly immersed in the green shade of oaks, olives and carobs, a dense wood which creates an atmosphere of cool shade (not semi-shade) to refresh you naturally after a sun-drenched day on the beach.

La Francesca's particular location creates a special microclimate which has allowed the growth of a forest truly unique in southern Italy, of a type usually found in mountains or high hill country, but right on the seashore.

Note the large oak tree behind the pink house a few metres from the beach: it seems to be dipping its roots right into the salt water.

And if you look at the satellite image, you can see La Francesca immersed in a sea of green.

The bungalows are completely invisible beneath the trees. You can see the two little beaches on either side of Punta Garagliano. From above you can only see the roof of the restaurant and the office; to the right are the bungalows nearest the beach and the solarium.

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