On holiday with our four-legged friends

cane in vacanzaHere at La Francesca we love nature and animals, and so we are happy to accept the small-sized dogs which these days form an integral part of many families. And we don't wish to be even remotely associated with terrible practises such as the abandonment of domestic animals. 
In the interests of happy holidays not only for people but also for their animal friends, we would like to remind you of some rules necessary for a peaceful cohabitation. You must inform us at the time of booking if you intend to bring a dog; in this way we can locate them far from each other and in the most isolated spots, to avoid disturbance from passing people. The management reserves the right to refuse admission to more dogs than are considered acceptable.

snoopyThe law on bathing prohibits taking dogs on the beach, and this is applicable too for the beaches at La Francesca. For the same reasons dogs must not be taken to the supermarket or the restaurant.  Some people may be afraid of dogs, and some dogs may behave unusually when they find themselves in a new situation, in the open, green and unpolluted spaces of La Francesca. Therefore it is important to control our dogs carefully, keep them away from people who do not wish for contact, and keep them on a lead in areas used by other guests. 
This also applies to relations between other dogs on the site, as they are all outside their normal territory and could show unusual mutual aggression. Keeping them on the lead ensures their safety.

ronnyCertain rules of hygiene apply, as every dog owner is already aware: pay particular attention that the dog does not foul in public places, and always carry the means of immediate disposal in case this happens, just as you do in town.  Let us not forget that there are many small children around the Village. Do not use the crockery from the bungalow to give your dog food or water.

These are just a few rules which, while respecting their "animality", will allow our furry friends (and their owners) to have a happy and relaxed holiday.