Don't come to La Francesca if...

  • you are looking for a holiday with loud music, compulsory activities, timetables organised by the management; here we have peace and quiet for a relaxing holiday;
  • you want a wide beach with rows and rows of parasols; here the sea is just in front of you, a few steps from your sunbed;
  • you want a sandy beach just like the Adriatic coast; this coast is different, but our pebbles, bigger or smaller, are also more hygienic for your children;
  • you want the car parked outside; a car-free life has its little inconveniences but in exchange you get silence and tranquility, and cleaner air;
  • you want wild night life; we have chosen to offer you a peaceful holiday - only the dormice and the squirrels are up all night in the trees of La Francesca.
  • you're looking for hotel-style room service; we respect your privacy and we don't wish to go into your apartment once you are settled in;
  • you want a big house with lots of rooms; our bungalows are comfortable but compact; designed for low-impact holidays in one of Italy's most protected areas; and with a special design which distinguishes them from all other tourist facilities;
  • you don't like living in a forest full of biodiversity and animals, where nature is respected and protected; we don't use toxic substances to kill the natural inhabitants of this unpolluted area.