6. Experience the National Park

The Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park is one of the largest in Italy, covering most of Salerno province.


Within this protected area there are many tourist facilities.

La Francesca is one of the few located within the "heart" of the southern zone of the Park; not because we have broken the rules but because it was built before the Park came into being, but with complete respect for nature and the environment.

Created in 1991, the Parco Nazionale del Cilento e del Vallo di Diano is the second largest of the Italian parks, with 181,048 hectares; it is located in Salerno province in Campania.

Over the years it has been recognised by UNESCO for the value of its landscape as well as for its historical and cultural context.

In 1997 it was included in UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere programme as part of the world network of Biosphere Reserves, which combine conservation with biological diversity to safeguard cultural values and economic development. The area's perfect integration between humans and nature over milennnia is reflected in this recognition.

In Italy there are only 8 Biosphere Reserves: 

-          Valle del Ticino

-          Miramare

-          Selva Pisana

-          Circeo

-          Colle Meluccio

-          Somma Vesuvio and Miglio d’oro

-          Parco Nazionale del Cilento e del Vallo di Diano

In 2009 this most striking of Mediterranean coastlines received yet another recognition, in fact two protected marine areas were officially designated: “Santa Maria di Castellabate” and “Costa degli infreschi e Masseta”; if the land and sea areas are added together, this becomes Italy's most extensive protected area.

In 2010 it became the first Italian National Park to be included in the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network, which promotes and preserves the planet's geological heritage.