2. Cool natural shade

Casetta Goccia a La FrancescaSome places boast of being in the shade of centuries-old trees; and sometimes the trees really exist, though distant from each other.

At La Francesca, however, you are truly immersed in the green shade of oaks, olives and carobs, a dense wood which creates an atmosphere of cool shade (not semi-shade) to refresh you naturally after a sun-drenched day on the beach.

La Francesca's particular location creates a special microclimate which has allowed the growth of a forest truly unique in southern Italy, of a type usually found in mountains or high hill country, but right on the seashore.

Note the large oak tree behind the pink house a few metres from the beach: it seems to be dipping its roots right into the salt water.




 And if you look at the satellite image, you can see La Francesca immersed in a sea of green.

La Francesca dal satellite